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June 2012
Thieves of Bay Street
Bruce Livesey’s new book, reviewed
Stray Love
Kyo Maclear’s new novel, reviewed
Indian Horse
Richard Wagamese’s new novel, reviewed
Omens in the Year of the Ox
Steven Price’s new collection, reviewed
Magnified World
Grace O’Connell’s new novel, reviewed
Gretta Vosper’s new book, reviewed
The Juliet Stories
Carrie Snyder’s new novel, reviewed
December 2011
The Walrus Reads
Seven new titles of note
The Antagonist
Lynn Coady’s new novel, reviewed
Stories About Storytellers
Douglas Gibson’s new memoir, reviewed
David Davidar’s new novel, reviewed
The Return
Dany Laferrière’s new novel, reviewed
Facing the Hunter
David Adams Richards’ new book, reviewed
The Leap
Chris Turner’s new book, reviewed
The Virgin Cure
Ami McKay’s new novel, reviewed
May 2011
Review: Ken Babstock’s <em>Methodist Hatchet</em>
Review: Rupinder Gill’s <em>On the Outside Looking Indian</em>
“How my second childhood changed my life”
Review: Brian Busby’s <em>A Gentleman of Pleasure</em>
One Life of John Glassco: Poet, memoirist, translator, and pornographer
Review: Chester Brown’s <em>Paying for It</em>
A comic-strip memoir about being a john
Review: Julie Booker’s <em>Up Up Up</em>
Review: Andrew Westoll’s <em>The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary</em>
A Canadian story of resilience and recovery
Review: Timothy Taylor’s <em>The Blue Light Project</em>
A novel
Review: Miriam Toews’s <em>Irma Voth</em>
A novel
November 2010
The Walrus Reads
Seven new titles of note
Review: <em>Mordecai: The Life and Times</em>
Review: <em>Mr. Shakespeare’s Bastard</em>
Review: <em>The Beauty of Humanity Movement</em>
Review: <em>Light Lifting</em>
Review: <em>The Madman and the Butcher</em>
Review: <em>Far to Go</em>
Review: <em>The Death of Donna Whalen</em>
November 2009
The Last Woman
The Wayfinders
The Boy in the Moon
Hot Potatoe
Postcard and Other Stories
The Year of the Flood
May 2009
Book Review: <i>Diary of Interrupted Days</i>
A new book by Dragan Todorovic
Book Review: <i>The Cello Suites</i>
A new book by Eric Siblin
Book Review: <i>The Winter Vault</i>
A new book by Anne Michaels
Book Review: <i>Six Months In Sudan</i>
A new book by Dr. James Maskalyk
Book Review: <i>Grass, Sky, Song</i>
A new book by Trevor Herriot
Book Review: <i>Buying Cigarettes For The Dog</i>
A new book by Stuart Ross
Book Review: <i>The Disappeared</i>
A new book by Kim Echlin
Book Review: <i>Who We Are</i>
A review of Rudyard Griffith’s Who We Are: A Citizens Manifesto
April 2008
Book Review: Nikolski
Book Review: Orphic Politics
Book Review: Blackouts
Book Review: The Toss of a Lemon
March 2008
Book Review: The Dirt on Clean
Book Review: Falling
Book Review: Regret the Error
Regret the Error: How Media Mistakes Pollute the Press and Imperil Free Speech, by Craig Silverman, Viking Canada (2007), 366 pp.
Book Review: In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts
February 2008
Book Review: <em>The Warhol Economy</em>
Book Review: <em>All Our Sisters - Stories of Homelesss Women in Canada</em>
Book Review: <em>Urban Meltdown - <br />Cities, Climate Change and Politics as Usual </em>
Book Review: <em>The Culprits</em>
December 2007
Review — <em>Outside the Wire: The War in Afghanistan</em>
Review — <i>White Rapids</i>
Review — <i>Blue Covenant: The Global Water Crisis</i>
Review — <em>La Sagouine</em>
November 2007
Review — Emperor of the North: Sir George Simpson and the Remarkable Story of the Hudson’s Bay Company
Review — Measuring Mother Earth: How Joe the Kid Became Tyrrell of the North
Review — Arctic Hell-ship: The Voyage of the HMS Enterprise 1850-1855
Review — Uqalurait: An Oral History of Nunavut
October 2007
Review: Late Nights On Air
Review — Mystic Trudeau: The Fire and the Rose
Review — Safe Haven: The Possibility of
Sanctuary in an Unsafe World
Review — The Film Club
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